On June 20, I turned 50 years old.  One of my nieces sent me a text that day that simply read, “Happy birthday! You’re old.”  Notice the exclamation point after the “Happy birthday” – emphasizing the excitement & happiness of another birthday.  Notice the period after the “You’re old” – emphasizing her perception of the reality of this milestone in my life. Those punctuation marks probably went unnoticed by her, but they definitely caught my attention!

So, as of June 20, I had been alive 18,263 days.  Kinda sobering to think about it in that measure of time.  Made me take an inventory of sorts & think about, “How many of those days were lived out in a positive, Christ-honoring way?”  I didn’t really want to think about the question that stands opposite of that question, but it was lurking around in the back of my mind – “How many of those days were wasted, pursuing things other than those that honored the Lord?”  Made me tremendously grateful for a thing called GRACE!  And made me tremendously thankful for the opportunity to renew my commitment to staying in the race called the Christian life!

Now, as of today, I’ve been alive 18,278 days.  How am I going to live this one?  And if God gives me another one tomorrow, what’s it going to look like?  A couple of things I already know about this day, #18,278 – & about #18,279 & beyond:  I’m still gonna need that thing called GRACE, & I’m still gonna be running this race.  Maybe I’ll do what Psalm 96:2 says & “proclaim His salvation day after day.”  


About Jon Daniels

Senior Pastor - Country Woods Baptist Church, Byram, MS
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1 Response to 18,263

  1. Tammy Sandifer says:

    Thank you so much Bro. John for this reminder. I am reminded daily of His grace!!

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