As of the writing of this blog post, we are 26 days away from our revival services here at CWBC. The services are planned for August 17-20 with Bill Elliff from The Summit Church in North Little Rock, AR, coming to lead us (Check out Bill’s blog at thesummitchurch.org/graceful-truth-by-bill-elliff/). Service times are 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM on Sunday, and 6:30 PM Monday thru Wednesday.

When I counted the number of days & found it to be 26, I decided just to see what Psalm 26 said. Wow! What appropriate words for us as we move toward a time of corporate revival!  Let me just pose a few questions based on some of these verses that I believe are important for us if we are going to experience the revival that God desires to send:

v. 1 – Are you & I leading a “blameless life” – a life of integrity?  Are we trusting in the Lord “without wavering”?

v. 2 – When God tests & tries us, & examines our hearts & minds, what does He find?

v. 3 – Is His love ever before us?  Are we walking continually in His truth?

v. 4-5 – Are our relationships God-honoring?

v. 7 – Are we proclaiming the praise of God out loud? Are we telling others of His wonderful deeds?

v. 8 – Do we truly & genuinely love His Church, His people? Do we truly & genuinely love THIS Church, THIS people?

v. 11 – Have we truly experienced the redeeming power & the mercy of God in our lives?

v. 12 – Are we standing on level ground, meaning that we are living an upright life that glorifies Him?  Are we regularly & faithfully meeting with others to praise & worship Him?

For the next 26 days, I want to encourage you to use these verses & these questions to guide you in the preparation of your heart & life for the revival that the Lord God Almighty wants to bring to YOU & to this, HIS Church.  Ask God to prepare your heart to be open:

– To His WORD – The truth of God’s Word will set us free!

– To His WAY – As the old hymn says, “Have thine own way, Lord!”

– To His WORK – The Holy Spirit will be at work to change you. LET HIM!

One definition of “revival” that I read said this: “Revival is when God supernaturally invades the lives of one or more believers in order to awaken them spiritually for Kingdom ministry.”  Let’s let God “invade” our lives for HIS glory!!!

About Jon Daniels

Senior Pastor - Country Woods Baptist Church, Byram, MS
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