Sermon notes from 5/28/17 – “Persevere in Tough Times!”

“PERSEVERE IN TOUGH TIMES”                             2 Tim. 3:1-5; 4:1-8

INTRO – Come to end of our “Keep the Fire Burning” series from 2 Tim. Reminder of where we’ve been & what we’ve talked about after we experienced the fresh touch of God on our lives in the THIRST Conference. God definitely moved in & among us, stoking the fires of revival, repentance, & renewal.

Pastor in Honduras asked his congregation AND us to tell him what his sermon points were after he finished preaching his sermon last Sunday night. I’m not going to give you a quiz today, but will incorporate that some when I begin preaching & teaching through 1 John next week! But let me remind you of some of the things we’ve touched on this month:

  • “Keep Doing the Basics” – Soldier, athlete, farmer – Highly Committed & Motivated; Prepare for Opposition; Remember We Answer to GOD!
  • “Strengthen Family Relationships” – Pray A LOT; Deepen Personal Relationships; Know & Believe the Promises of God; Serve God Passionately; Live in the Power of God
  • “Disciples Disciple” – Bart Latner – To be a disciple, I must: Follow; Love Jesus; Love People; Grow; Serve; Share My Faith


And today, in order to keep the fire burning in our lives, we must PERSEVERE IN TOUGH TIMES! These tough times are everywhere!

  • 6 y/o Kingston Frazier killing
  • Drunk guy in village in Honduras
  • Guys in pool at beach
  • Manchester bombing
  • Lincoln County shooting last night
  • Ongoing evil, sin in every area of life. Homes destroyed. Families devastated. Lives disrupted.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer! We must first make sure that our own lives have been transformed & are being transformed daily by the Gospel. Are YOU saved today? How do you know? What fruit is there in your life that displays the Gospel?

Paul makes it abundantly clear what we MUST do to persevere in these tough times.

Preach The Word of God vs. 2 (“preach”)

  1. Reprove – to amend (binding/resetting broken bone) – negative aspect of preaching
  2. Rebuke – to clean a wound (it may hurt – but it heals) – corrective aspect of preaching
    1. Merthiolate on cuts & scrapes when we were kids – “Blow on it, Mama!”
  3. Exhort – to encourage and challenge – positive aspect of preaching


Teach the Word of God vs. 3 (“sound teaching”)

  1. Truth is unchanging – not like a chameleon. Doesn’t change based on environment.
  2. Foundation laying – EXTREMELY vital in these days! What Ellie is doing in The Treehouse w/ preschoolers & children is SO important! What Gunner is doing w/ our youth is SO important! But what is even MORE important is what YOU as parents are doing to lay the foundation of the Word of God in your children’s lives!
  3. MANY people nowadays do not want to hear the TRUTH of God’s UNCHANGING Word.


Reach the Lost vs. 5 (“do the work of an evangelist”)

  1. This is ALL our ministry – Paul not referring to specific “office” of an evangelist, but “do the work of an evangelist”
  2. Had a REALLY small group in FAITH this spring. Doesn’t matter to me if FAITH is not your preferred way of sharing the Gospel. BUT WHAT IS YOUR PREFERRED WAY & ARE YOU REGULARLY SHARING THE GOSPEL W/ LOST PEOPLE?
  3. Disciples disciple – Developing Devoted Disciples of ALL Nations
    1. Gunner w/ pastors in Honduras
    2. Every Christ-follower in this church should be discipling someone in their walk w/ Christ – PERIOD!
  4. Each generation is one generation away from extinction w/faith
    1. Rusty’s story of Jesus arriving in heaven – We are His only plan for reaching the lost!


Breach eternity – To breach means to make an opening & cross into new territory. Do not quit vs. 6 (“fought the good fight, finished the race, kept the faith”)

  1. If you do not quit – YOU WIN!!!!!

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